Flip Video Resources/Notes

  • set up what we need on a wiki, and then put the wiki and any other resources (like video link pages, articles, etc) in Livebinders for people to access during the workshop.
  • Kid projects: Use commoncraft style w/ paperdoll characters or popsicle stick characters. See the link posted below for a workshop given in PA that used this format.
  • Picture_12.png

  • might use the Secure Passwords commoncraft video. If we want to use this, I'll buy the license.

To start:
if we use this, we need to write the author & get permission. I found it thru gcouros tho, so I'm sure it'll be forthcoming.

Great blog post about using Flips!

My bookmarks are here: http://delicious.com/connect2jamie/4flipclass

Why use video?

Here's a video, created by middle school students:
Is it effective? Affecting? Is this a good example of digital storytelling? Effective communication?

From Sylvia Tolisano's 2009 K-12 Online Presentation Around the World with Skype,

Quote from her video:
The world we live in requires schools to address new literacies in addition to basic literacy. These new literacies include:

in addition to specific skills such as:

Software / Online Tools

Atomic Learning offers StoryBoard Pro, a free storyboarding program, along with video tutorials to support it. It is here.

Teacher PD Resources

Flip Your Instruction With Flip Video (Blog post by Lisa Nielsen)
Lisa is presenting a 6-hr workshop that is similar to what we need--bit more in-depth though. Great info and links here.

It's Elementary #15: Video in the Classroom (Audio Podcast plus chat archive)
Link to the audio podcast is at the bottom of the page.
There may be some audio we could pull from here for the WS

Matthew Needleman's Video in the Classroom.com: Digital Storytelling in the Elementary Grades and Beyond
Needleman is the guest on the It's Elementary podcast above, and this is his web site. There are many examples of student products here.

Tom Barrett on Classroom2.0 about his 40 ways slideshare. This is an elluminate file, and it requires a small download. It's worth it! The Classroom2.0 community is well worth exploring too!
There's some boring stuff at the beginning, then they have a lot of tech problems trying to show a youtube video, so skip to about 14:25--see the sliding bar at the bottom of the elluminate screen & slide it to 14:25. Tom begins there.