that seem good to me now....we'll see

Librarianship / Advocacy

Podcast? Vidcast?

What about a podcast/vodcast about library services in Klein?
Why is this a good idea?
This could be an effective outreach in at least letting admin know what goes on in klein libraries. Advocacy is inherent in that we'll be making people aware of the programs that go on all the time in our libraries.

It could be hosted on the video server in-district. Or if we do audio, we could host it on a district page. I think video is probably more powerful, but incredibly harder to do.

how do we ascertain that anyone (at all) is listening to the show? How do we evaluate whether this is useful?

  • Every 2 wks?
  • Hosts from all levels: elem: jamie inter: holly/ruth hs: daniela LS: nikki I'm thinking this might be a good mix b/c: nerd/funny/intense/hip Other ideas? The drawback here is that elem is outnumbered 3 to 1. Other elem that could do this too? We need a dynamic person.

Possible Topics:
  • topics connected to TLC2
  • research databases
  • new media projects
  • book festival
  • new books
  • webtool of the wk
  • author visit by skype?
  • author visits/events happening in klein libraries--I think we have to be careful abt this, b/c people don't want to spend a lot of time finding out what ANOTHER school's events are. Do they? Maybe it would give them ideas of what to expect from their librarians?
  • other district librarians/topics?
  • booktalks?
  • book trailers?
  • article of the wk
  • research topic dealing w/ libraries
  • topic of the week on a voicethread or other collaborative/interactive tool to collect info
  • student guests

Writing Growth

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