Klein Wiki Stuff

our url is http://benfertechteam.wiki.kleinisd.net

here are the original directions from the home page:

Before You Begin:
  • Meet with the Wiki Facilitator on your campus. This would be your librarian, your Ed Tech teacher or your CITS.
  • Look at some educational uses of wikis,particularly the examples of educational wikis in Educational Wikis.

Getting Started:

  • Send the name of your wiki to Library Services. The name of your wiki will be added to the Wikis in Kleinwhere you can see how other Klein teachers are using wikis with students.
  • The teacher can upload students to the wiki using the student numbers. These numbers can be imported from GradeSpeed. The teacher has the option to have students use a Gaggle e-mail address. If the teacher chooses to use the Gaggle e-mail address, this information should be included in the spreadsheet. If Gaggle e-mail addresses are not used, wikispaces will create an e-mail address for each student.
  • When additional students need to be added to the wiki, the individual student numbers can be added to the wiki.
  • Click on the edit button above to put your own content on this page. Delete the information on this page as you add your own text. Be sure to leave a link to the AUP on this page.Then click on Save.
  • Click on Manage Wikito modify the settings:
    • Select Settings/Look and Feel, to change your wiki's colors or theme.
    • Select Settings/Wiki Infoto add spaces to the title of your wiki.
    • Select People/Permissionsto set who can view and edit your wiki. You have three options:
      • Public - Signed in users can view and edit pages.
      • Protected - Everyone can view pages, but only members of this wiki can edit pages.
      • Custom - You can define custom permissions:
        • Who can view pages
        • Who can edit pages
        • Who can create pages
        • Who can post to discussion

Additional Topics To Consider:

  • You can use the Historytab to see who has made changes to a page or to recreate a page that might have been accidently deleted.
  • You have the option of allowing students to edit and/or create pages and also to add comments through Discussions.
  • Think about Best Practices:
    • Do you want to use avatars?
    • How will you manage usernames? Thinking about collaboration and security, you will want to have your students change their user names and passwords. This should be consistent, such as first initial and last name (ariley).
    • How will you assess?

Creating your Home Page:

  • When you are ready, you can delete the information on this page and begin your Home page.
  • On this Home page you should include Guidelines and Expectationsfor your students.
  • Please include a link to the AUP on your Home page. Click on AUPand open either the Student AUP or the employee AUP. Copy the URL and put the link on your home page.
  • You can lock this page so that it can not be edited. Click on Manage Wiki and Pages. Under Action, select Lock.

Need Help?

  • Click on the help link above to learn more about how to use your wiki.