Thursday May 5

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Water_Sprayer.jpgCool Site of the Day

This is a long entry because...
Optical Illusions ROCK!

Can you BELIEVE this sidewalk chalk art? Amazing, isn't it?
Julian Beever
Julian Beever

Here is a web page that includes several works of 3D sidewalk art by Julian Beever.

Check out this and many more examples of unbelievable sidewalk chalk art by Julian Beever and Kurt Wenner on the Impact Lab blog.
Some of the art on this page may not be appropriate for all ages, so please use your professional judgement about which photos you share with students.

Justin Beever
Justin Beever

One last link..
about sidewalk art and optical's a video of some sidewalk art being created. It is an icy crevasse-notice how all the sightseers walk around it to keep from falling in! :)

I've placed the YouTube video below so it can be viewed from home, but this video should be on KUTV by Thursday afternoon, so you can use it with your students! Search for chalk or sidewalk to find it!

Water_Can_Purple.jpgOnline Resources

Learn how to locate magazine, newspaper or encyclopedia articles by searching the online Library Catalog, LS2! This is a very handy feature that will help students as they conduct research. Additionally, if any of you are in graduate school, or just want to research a topic of your own, the EbscoHost database is invaluable!

In this video, I also discuss 2 very simple search strategies that will help students to focus their searches.

This video file is a bit too large to place here, so it is housed on Kleinshare at:

K:\Campus_Benfer\Staff\Library\Teacher Resources\Tutorials\LS2\LS2 Search Databases.wmv


Clippers.jpgTech Tip

Saving a screen shot with Print Key
You can capture a screen shot using Print Key.This would be an excellent tool to use in conjunction with Monday's Cool Site as students create their Wild Selves!
  • After a student creates their Wild Self, take a screen shot of their picture using the Rectangle tool
  • Save as a jpg
  • Now they can use it like any other clip art image--in a Word document, Powerpoint or as an avatar!

Note: on my computer, it seems to work better if I right click on the Print Key icon to open the program. Does it work that way on your computer?


Mary Beth Kreml created this tip sheet about using Print Key. Check it out!
external image pdf.png printkey.pdf.

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