Friday May 6

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Water_Sprayer.jpg Cool Site of the Day

There are several comic strip creating sites on the Internet, and they can be really fun for class projects. Students might create a comic to reviewor explain a topic or to re-create a scene in a book, or to extend a story. I made the one below on MakeBeliefsComix because I know that students can get to this site at school. I checked it with the student login on the PACs.

The nice thing about this site is that no account is necessary. Comics can be printed or emailed. Emailing requires an email address, but remember all our 2nd-5th graders do have an email address through!

OK. So I know I created a fairly lame strip, but the kids will do a much better job! :)

If you are interested in using an online comics creator in the classroom, here is a use great blog post by Larry Ferlazzo about several school-appropriate online creators & how they might be used. Ferlazzo's blog is always FULL of interesting posts and good quality links!

Water_Can_Purple.jpgOnline Resources

Any Klein teacher can use Klein Private Label Wikispaces to create a wiki just like this one for classroom use. Wikis are easy to upload to and to personalize, and you can do all sorts of fun things on them that you can't do on your Klein web page! This week, I've given you a taste of the types of things you can do. Pretty cool, isn't it?

This particular wiki, the Benfer Library Wiki, is not on the Klein system. It is maintained purely as a teacher resource, and students can not access it at school. We have used this wiki for years however--long before Klein got a "private label" account with Wikispaces. The Klein wikis are exactly like this though, both in look and function.

If you would like to look into setting up a wiki for next year--one that you can maintain for use by and with your students--just contact me and we will get you going with Klein Wikispaces! I think it could be a powerful way of keeping in contact with your students' parents. It would be a safe way to show off your students' work to their families too.
I'd be thrilled to help you get started, just let me know!

Clippers.jpgTech Tip

Ever need to remember to follow up on an email at a later date? There's a way to create a reminder for yourself in Outlook! And it's easy!
  • Right-click the message you want to set the reminder for
  • Point to Follow Up
  • Click Add Reminder
  • In the Due By list, click the date when you have to complete the reply.
In the second list, click a time.
In the Flag color list, click the flag color you want
  • Click OK


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