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Library PLC Meeting


Copyright--Rachel probably went to this training at the Admin Academy. Copyright presentation is on the new library portal.

What do people think fair use is?
Use of an item is fair use if:
we are using it in a school
we are not making money
we are doing it for the kids
None of these, of course, is correct.

Stephanie said to ask admin to have workroom & aides at the training.

last circ day is May 18

Do we really need ABC-CLIO? SG wants to evaluate which resources we should pay for w/ Klein funds

To do:
  • remember to copy the carol simpson brochure
  • sign in sheet for training
  • copy tchr handouts for all
  • change nettrekker info on the handout.
  • fix nettrekker info on new tchr handouts
  • go to rap for the avira update for the PACS, circ and the laptops
  • do that for the new starboard software too
  • tech self assess
  • check to make sure that none of my internet safety stuff is isafe. If it is, get rid of it.
  • get back to Ken about the big 6 book I got.